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Patient Testimonials: In Their Own Words    


“[Dr. Whitney] put all my questions at ease... In the end result I was very pleased with the overall experience, her professionalism, her enthusiasm, her knowledge, and even after care [she] was very excited for me."

Conor and Suzanne


"We are very pleased with the results and would recommend [Dr. Whitney] to treat other people. It was a much quicker process than I thought it would be because my teeth were very out of order. She reigned them in and brought them together and created something great. Thank you Dr. Whitney!"



"I can get emotional about it. I didn't think this day would come... [Dr. Whitney] was able to pull my adult tooth that was in my nose almost... Now I can smile a lot more. I cannot thank Dr. Whitney enough because she helped me tremendously with my confidence and my smile. And now she motivated me to become an orthodontist to help someone that was in my position to have a better smile and a bit more confidence, something I didn't have before. I'm just really thankful to her and her help."

Marlene and Tricia


"I had jaw surgery and braces for two and a half years, and before I had an open bite and I couldn't do specific things and I didn't want to smile. But now my teeth are very nice thanks to Dr. Whitney."


"I thought the whole experience was quite well-organized... The progress was outstanding, I think it's night and day. [My daughter's] smile was transformed. I think it was amazing to have close communication constantly with Dr. Whitney... I thought it was a great process and I would recommend it to anyone else."



"The results are great. I'm speaking better, I'm feeling better, hopefully looking better, and I can't thank Dr. Whitney enough. Thank you Dr. Whitney for all your time and effort and concern."

Allison and Giovanna


"It was really quick, and not really all that daunting, and it was really successful. I didn't think I needed [braces], but the change was really drastic and it was good in the end."



"The treatment went really well, it was just a year. [Dr. Whitney] was really nice, really helpful, really friendly; she always made me laugh. She was really gentle to my teeth and I'm really happy with my smile and I want to say thank you to her."

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