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  • Dr. Whitney Mostafiz

Healthy Bites for the Holidays!

With the holiday season in sight, it’s time to hone in on some baking skills for the most important food group – dessert! Healthful desserts, though, of course. I’m excited to share some of my healthy-inspired recipes, and I’ve been getting a few requests for my chocolate chip cookie recipe, in particular.

My cookies are dairy/egg free with no flour or sugar added, to top it off. So they are pretty healthy and full of flavor. Nutrient-dense cookies are more filling, as well, which means you will fill up faster and stay full longer without any sugar crashes! So let’s review the baseline ingredients.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients (6-7 cookies, depending on size of bananas):

  • 2 preferably semi-ripe bananas

  • Old fashioned oats

  • Almond butter

  • Seeds to mix in: hemp, chia, flax

  • Nuts to mix in: pieces of pecans, cashews, almond slivers

  • Chocolate chips/chunks (and/or carob chips)

  • Optional: superfood powders, such as moringa powder (will add an earthy note, full disclosure)

  • Mixing bowl; aluminum foil/baking sheet with preferred oil to grease

mash bananas with almond butter

Step 1: Mash bananas until pureed. During this phase I usually like to mix in about a tablespoon of almond butter and mix until even.

Mashed bananas and almond butter:

mashed bananas
mix seeds

Step 2: add in seeds to taste; I’ll usually mix in approximately a tablespoon of each hemp/chia/flaxseeds and optional superfood powders mix until texture is also smooth.

Step 3: mix in a couple pieces of the nuts; just a handful

Mixed in seeds/nuts:

Seeds are mixed in
mix in the oats

Step 4: now we’re ready to mix in the oats. I will usually add in step-wise until I achieve a sticky but malleable texture. You want the minimum amount of oats that allows for a formable cookie; too many oats will cause very dry cookies!

Mixed-in oats:

oats are mixed in
mix in chocolate

Step 5: add in chocolate chips (to taste). If the texture is still drippy at this point, add in another small amount of oats

Voile! Here's a perfect cookie batter texture:

cookie batter
chocolate chip cookies

Step 6: spray pan with light coating of oil, so that the cookies will separate with ease layer. Then you can form cookies by hand with the batter

Step 7: set in the oven in “bake” mode at 275F for about 12-14 minutes. Each toaster oven/oven cooks slight different; so this may take a couple rounds before the timing is perfected.

Step 8: allow cookies to cool slightly

Step 9: enjoy thoroughly!!

I look forwarding to hearing how they go for you, or if you have additional ideas on how to step up these cookies to the max! Happy and healthy holidays :)

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