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Telehealth Patient Communications

telehealth photography

In light of COVID-19, Dr. Whitney strives to continue to offer reliable patient care to all patients at all times. Looking forward, Dr. Whitney is happy to offer Telehealth Services for diagnostic and non-urgent orthodontic care, which will help to decrease the frequency of in-office visits. Please browse below for more information on diagnostic photography guidelines.

If you are interested in participating in this format of care, please read, sign and return the Telehealth Consent below. Dr. Whitney is here to answer any questions that may pertain to telehealth. 

Telehealth DIY Photography  Guidelines

It is not always possible to have someone take photos on your behalf. We got you. Dr. Whitney has taken diagnostic photos of herself(!) to show you that it IS possible to take dental selfies! 


- Please use natural sunlight for best lighting

- Utilize a spoon to retract lips for side shots

- You may use a phone stand + timer for steady photography if hands are shaky

- Place phone in selfie mode

Photo Types (see more below):

- Smiling (teeth apart, together)

- Biting together side shots

- Upper and lower "occlusal" shots 

Note For Invisalign Patients: optimally, please take all photos with aligners in AND out for comparative purposes, as illustrated below.


If viewing on mobile: please use arrows to browse: there are 11 photos that you may review, in total. 

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