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Types of Braces

Metal Braces

Edgewise: Don't let weird words confuse you, these are your standard set of braces; they are metal and you get fun color rubber ties to wrap around each brace which locks the wire in to each tooth. Or you can be boring (just kidding) and get clear ties. Or you if you want to be extra blingy, you could opt for gold metal brackets too.



Self-ligating: These braces have a metal door on the front of them, which closes and loosely holds the wire inside; it allows a bit more flexibility to allow the teeth to unravel. They don't need the rubber ties, but if you really really want them, you can have them.


Ceramic (White) Braces

Ceramic braces come in both the standard and self-ligating styles, and are designed to blend in with your teeth, which are actually pretty hard to notice unless you're up close and personal.


They definitely look less noticeable than the metal, but the main downside is they are a little bigger and can move your teeth a little more slowly.


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